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A sci-fi love story where in the protagonist is sent to an unknown world and is presented with difficult choices that affect not only himself but its inhabitants.

The year is 2154 and Jake sully, a paraplegic colonel is part of an assault team sent to an unknown world to harvest the natural resources and wage war against the inhabitants.

Jake is given the ability through a machine to be projected into the body one and pose as one of the planets alien occupants. Although with this knew ability he is given the chance to walk again.

As the movie progresses he grows more attached to the aliens (na’vis) as they show him their culture.

Jake eventually gets torn between his duty and the newfound relationships he has formed with the na’vis and more personally the love he has for a local Neytiri.

Avatar is a great example of modern special effects and CGI animation. I give it 4 and  half stars.

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